About Terpsichore

Terpsichore Presents

La Sylphide & Controversy

May 16th at 7:00 pm & May 17th at 2:00 pm

Sandhills Community College

Our Younger Dancers will be Presenting ‘Welcome to the Jungle’

May 16th at 4:00 pm

Tickets on Sale NOW at www.tututix.com/danceatterpsichore

La Sylphide – On the morning of his wedding day, a Scottish farmer named James falls in love with a vision of a magical sylph, or spirit. An old witch appears before him, predicting that he will betray his fiancée, Effie. Although enchanted by the sylph, James disagrees, sending the witch away. All seems fine as the wedding begins. But as James begins to put the ring on his fiancee’s finger, the beautiful sylph suddenly appears and snatches it away from him. James abandons his own wedding, running after her. He chases the sylph into the woods, where he again sees the old witch. She offers James a magical scarf. She tells him that the scarf will bind the sylph’s wings, enabling him to catch her for himself. James is so enamored by the sylph that he wishes to catch her and keep her forever. James decides to take the magical scarf. He wraps it around the sylph’s shoulders, but when he does, the Sylph’s wings fall off and she dies. James is left all alone, heartbroken. He then watches his fiancee marry his best friend.

For 20 years, Terpsichore…a  moving experience, has been a family and community based dance studio located in beautiful downtown Southern Pines, North Carolina.  We take pride in offering a quality dance program in a loving and nurturing atmosphere. Our programs instill the values of goal setting, perseverance, and character building, coupled with the fun and enjoyment of dancing.  We strive to give each dancer a positive sense of self, personal integrity, and solid work ethics.  Our goal is to give each child the opportunity to experience their own love of dance in a safe and non-competitive environment.

Mary & OliviaWith a teaching staff of five, we are able to offer the most comprehensive dance program in Moore County. Our youngest dancers begin at age three, and continue their dance education well into their teen years. Technique classes are offered in Classical Ballet, we work within the Ceccetti ballet style, with influences in French and Russian, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, Acrobatics, and Hip-Hop from the beginner through the advanced level. 

We have three spacious and well lit studios located upstairs above quaint local shops in downtown Southern Pines.  All of our studios are equipped with state of the art stereo and sound equipment.  Our wooden sub floors are covered in professional dance marley to insure proper traction and provide the safest dancing environment. One of our studios has a one way observation window to enable parents to observe classes while not being seen. A comfortable lobby, dressing room, and several restrooms are provided for students and parents.